About Us

Roxy & Rosie is an Irish based company based in the heart of the countryside in County Roscommon and was established in September 2020.

We, the team at Roxy & Rosie, have an eye for design and stylish spaces and love adding beautiful accessories to our home and garden and would like to share this passion with you.

Inspired by nature, we spend our spare time pottering in our garden, experimenting with flowers, shrubs and trees and like to create a welcoming and relaxing outside space. We also love the great outdoors; hiking, running and playing sports with our two boys.

Establishing Roxy & Rosie during the 2020 global pandemic is a leap of faith, but with such a resurgence of faux flowers and as we all spend more and more time in our homes, we believe it’s a great time to share our love of blooms and home accessories for your enjoyment.

We are impressed with the high standard of today’s luxury faux flowers, which offer beautiful blooms which are virtually maintenance free. With most modern homes being constantly warm, we know that caring for real flowers can be frustrating and expensive. But with our arrangements you can have stunning displays all year round.  

We are delighted to also be dipping our toe in the world of home accessories and are determined to source items that we believe will add a little something to your interior.

Thank you for visiting our site.

P.S. Roxy & Rosie are our adored family pets. Roxy is a golden retriever and Rosie is the latest addition to our family, a little rescue kitten.